8 Ways to Cross-Train in Your Swim Spa if You’re Tired of Swimming

Beat the workout blues with this wide variety of exercises for the swim spa other than swimming! Cross training is a fitness regimen that combines different types of exercise. The goal of cross training is to improve overall fitness and reduce the risk of injury. By working different muscle groups and using different energy systems, cross training can help you to avoid overuse injuries and improve your performance in your chosen sport, in this case swimming in your Hydropool Swim Spa! 

You could do any of these things on dry land- but where’s the fun in that? Keep cool in the pool and start or end your swim workout with these cross-training methods!


Aquatic Plyometrics: Boxing in a Swim Spa

One of the more unique ways to cross-train in a swim spa would be to box! Taking the basic principles of both traditional boxing, as well as kick boxing that includes lower body movements Hydropool created Aquatic BoxFit. Developed in conjunction with Toronto Boxing Coach Kristina Ejem, this workout is sure to leave you feeling as if you've been training in the ring. It is focused on proper alignment while using an authentic timing method to ensure a safe and effective workout. Here’s a sample move below!


Water Aerobics in a Swim Spa

There are many different water aerobics exercises that you can do in a swim spa, such as jumping jacks, step aerobics, and using kickboards. Floating dumbbells can be used to do resistance training as well. We actually have an Aquatic Cross Training Guide that comes with every purchase of a Hydropool Swim Spa that details beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout plans! There are also warm ups and cool downs.


Weight Train in a Swim Spa

There are a variety of different pool safe weights out there. Neoprene ankle/wrist weights are the most common. There are also poolsafe weight belts. You can do a wide range of body weight exercises or add these weights to add more tension.


Water walking (or Running) in a Swim Spa

Water walking is a low-impact way to get a cardio workout. It is also a good way to relieve stress and improve your mood. Add a pair of webbed gloves for additional resistance! Get your steps in by upping the swim speed and running.


Aqua Pilates in a Swim Spa

Aside from swimming, another great way to improve flexibility and core strength is to focus on technique with pilates. Pilates couldn’t be more simple in a swim spa, just grab a pool noodle! The resistance of water aids these exercises, and alleviates joint stress. Take a look at the Youtube video below to see how:


Hydro Yoga in a Swim Spa

A great way to improve your flexibility and strength, yoga can be done in a swim spa without putting too much stress on your joints. Some yoga postures best for a swim spa would be Warrior (I, II, III), Shiva Twist, Tree, Mountain, Chair, Crescent Moon, and more


Water Zumba in a Swim Spa

If you have access to a deck or a stand that you can sit a video player device on, you can Aqua Zumba! Yup, the dance slash exercise craze has come to the pool. You can search Youtube for Aqua Zumba or Pool Zumba and find so many results. The video below demonstrates it wonderfully!


Athlete Recovery in a Swim Spa

It’s important to listen to your body and take breaks when you need them. Cross training should be enjoyable and challenging, but it should not cause pain. If you experience any pain, stop the exercise and consult with a doctor or physical therapist.

Don’t forget your recovery! Myofascial release (or soft tissue therapy) includes massage and foam rolling. Performed immediately before and after exercise, it may help decrease feelings of delayed onset muscle soreness while speeding muscle recovery. Myofascial release can be a part of passive and active recovery days as well as cross-training workouts. The hydro massage jets in a swim spa can help to relax your muscles and relieve pain. Soaking in a warm swim spa can help to improve your circulation and reduce inflammation. 

These are just a few ideas for cross training in a swim spa. You can get creative and find exercises that work best for you. I mean, anything where your head is above our 53” standard water level height will work. Just be sure to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as you get stronger. 

Happy Training!

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