Visualise a Better Swim with FORM Goggles

FORM Smart Swim Goggles help you get the most out of every swim. Don’t worry about stopping to check the clock! Hydropool North West has paired with FORM to give you accurate metric readings while using a Swim Spa. Unlock your swimming potential with instant analytics in the FORM Swim Goggles.


FORM Swim Goggles use state of the art machine-learning to detect turns, rest, and sets automatically. The FORM Googles know if you are swimming freestyle, breast stroke, butterfly, backstroke, or swimming drills! Swim Spa Metrics include Time, Distance, Pace, as well as Freestyle Metrics (Stroke Rate, Stroke Count, and

Distance per Stroke). All you have to do is jump in, press the button to go, and swim. All of this data is available displayed through the lens, so you can keep track while swimming. You can customise what you want to see in the app, visualise what is most important during your swims.



These don’t just work with our spas either, you can also use them open water swimming, or in a traditional pool. FORM swim goggles are compatible with Apple and Garmin fitness watches when you open water swim.


As someone has used the FORM goggles, I can say that being able to track your pace is a game changer. Being able to budget your swim time is key for those with a busy lifestyle. Go into the FORM Swim app after your swim and compare past swim metrics to track improvements. The breakdowns are easy to understand and compare sets, times, and stroke efficiency. Just make sure to sync each swim as you finish. Swimming is more fun with a team. The FORM Swim App lets you follow other users, see their swims, and like/comment workouts. Cheer each other on, inspire, or rag on them for not swimming as much as you!



FORM goggles come with a variety of nose bridges and adjustable straps to ensure the most comfortable fit. They are durable with anti-fog lenses and a 16 hour battery life! They aren’t heavy or clunky to wear.


If you buy an additional heart rate monitor you can assure you are staying in the proper heart rate level for cardio or fat burning. These additional metrics are important to see if you want to increase anaerobic exercise or work on building endurance.

All of our Trainer Model Swim Spas come with a free pair of FORM Swim Goggles! They can also be purchased individually from us if you have more swimmers in need. FORM Smart Swim Goggles can be added as an upgrade to our Sport Model Swim Spas.

Happy Swimming!!