The Verdict is In: What Spa Best Buy List 2023

The UK Hot Tub Buyer's Guide has dropped the 2023 Best Buy list and Hydropool has three hot tubs nominated!

Serenity 5900 Limited Edition

5-6 Seats | 41 Jets

This hot tub has great ergonomics, comfortably fits 6 people and it is beautifully appointed to deliver maximum hydrotherapy and stress relief. This model includes a lounger, ClearStream filtration system to ensure your water is safe and crystal clear and our Alaskan Insulation system that delivers outstanding energy efficiency.


The hydrotherapy jets are positioned throughout the hot tub to target specific muscle groups. The deep Captain’s chair is sculpted to cradle your body for extra comfort and relaxation. Experience the ultimate in relaxation, comfort and style while soaking your sore muscles and melting the stress of daily living away.


Self-Cleaning 570 Gold

5 Seats | 30 Jets

The 570 is a 5 person hot tub that incorporates a never-float lounger, four full seats, and easy-access, non-slip steps built right into the interior. This hot tub is one of Hydropool’s best-selling spas because while 95% of customers are buying a hot tub for two people, they often seek the capability of fitting four.


The advanced technology of the Hydropool Self-Cleaning system makes this the easiest spa in the world to maintain by removing debris from both the surface and bottom, cleaning 100% of the water in only 15 minutes. Our exclusively designed zoned jetting delivers a balanced, soothing massage for a rejuvenating hot tub experience.


Self-Cleaning 670 Platinum

6 Seats | 50 Jets

The 670 Hot Tub features Thermal Shield Insulation Technology, Self Cleaning filtration for cleaner safer water, and much more. It also offers contemporary design and innovations like Zone Therapy with Wellness Programs.



This hot tub is also part of our patented Self-Cleaning collection, which cleans water in 15 minutes! While other spas may claim to be, we are the only true self-cleaning spa on the market.