Safeguarding & Maintaining Your Hot Tub in Cold Weather

Built for Canada's winters, Hydropool Hot Tubs let you soak in year-round bliss. Follow the tips below to help you get the most out of your hot tub in the cold weather. 

Lock down that cover! England’s weather has been increasingly blustery, and we all know how much it rains here. Invest in some cover straps to ensure your cover will stay on tight, keeping rain, snow, and debris out of your hot tub. Most covers should come standard with side locks, such as our Hydropool hot tub covers.

On the subject of covers, make sure you clear ice and snow from your hot tub! Hydropool’s insulated covers actually work so well that snow and ice will not melt on top of the cover. Hydropool’s covers are built for Canadian winters, so they can take a beating, and can hold 250 lbs of weight. To protect the longevity of the cover, you can clear it off to prevent melting and refreezing ice in the ever-fluctuating temperatures of England. Melting and refreezing can potentially cause unnecessary wear and tear to your cover. Remember not to use a shovel, as that can tear your cover or cause scratches. Soft brooms work well. 

Seem to be losing hot tub heat? Hydropool Hot Tubs come with a Triple Layered Insulation, and are designed to work in Canadian Winters, down to 40°C! If you’re not sure what the insulation is like in your spa, take a look! It might be possible to insulate the cabinet further with an insulating blanket, like the silver ones they use in emergencies. Rolls of insulation can usually be purchased at local hardware stores, look for foil insulation. Just don’t be too heavy handed, as you don’t want your pumps to overheat. Check the insulation of the cover as well, it’s where most of the heat escapes. If it’s not up to par, consider investing in a thicker more insulated cover. 

Keep an Eye on Your Water Level. Neglecting your hot tub's water level in winter is like inviting Jack Frost himself for a soak. A low water level can freeze your pump and heater solid, leading to expensive thaws and potentially permanent damage. Leaks can be hard to detect in winter, but a lowering water level is a surefire sign of impending issues. Keep that tub topped up!

Heading out on Holiday? Turn down your hot tub's heat! A low-temperature setting saves energy while you're gone. To ensure a stress-free return, ask a nearby friend to keep an eye on the water chemistry, or schedule a deep clean with a hot tub service!

Should I do a Full Hot Tub Winter Shut Down? Though our Hydropool hot tubs are built for the cold, some people may opt to shut down their hot tub over winter because of rising energy costs. This is called Winterising. To learn about properly Winterising your hot tub, read our Guide to Winterise a Hot Tub. 

Hot tub care in Winter is really important to maintaining the longevity of your spa, regardless of the brand! It is not always required to do a full hot tub winter shut down as hot tubs are meant to run year round. If you are considering your options and want to speak to a professional, our hot tun engineer is here to help. Call us 0161 292 6649 or download our hot tub servicing prices for 2024!