Relaxation & Longevity: The Crucial Role Of Regular Hot Tub Servicing

We often get the question “How often should I drain my hot tub?” Quickly followed by “Do you do hot tub services?”

A hot tub service is similar to getting your car MOT and valeted - it can keep your hot tub clean, healthy, and can be vital to keep your spa going for years to come. 

We are currently servicing spas that are 18-20 years old, and without regular servicing they may not have made it this far! Regular maintenance can help preempt issues with your spa and spot any potential faults or problems. 

Consistent maintenance can give you peace of mind and reduce any worries you have about water care and every day weathering of your spa.

We’d recommend having your hot tub serviced at least once a year, usually at the end of its “busy season”, whether that be Summer or Winter for your household to clean out any debris that may have found itself in your pipework, while giving the interior and exterior a thorough clean to ensure it looks as inviting as the day it was installed. 


The hot tub can be checked for any wear and tear of parts and pieces, such as gaskets, o-rings, controls, pillows, or hardcovers. Advice can also be given on how you are caring for your spa - tips on chemicals, cleaning, or general hot tub maintenance. 

So, how much does a hot tub maintenance service cost? Hydropool North West provides different service options, depending on your hot tub or swim spa, size and model, and how often you’d like the spa serviced. Our standard call out price for hot tubs is £100 for the first hour and £50 each additional hour. For swim spas it costs £65 for the first half hour and £50 per additional hour. Schedule a full service in advance to get almost half off the usual cost. 


Your hot tub should be drained and refilled every 4-6 months, depending on the size and model, and have your hot tub serviced at least once a year to give the internal pipework a full flush. 

Some of you may be asking, “What if I don’t have anybody to do a hot tub service near me?” This can be a worry. Most local hot tub dealers will provide you with service plans on install but if you bought at a regional show, or online, you may be stuck for options. However, with investment in some time and tools you can perform a basic service at home with some hot tub flush and a wet/dry shop vac to remove as much dirty water as possible. 

It may not be as effective as having a full service, but can help maintain your hot tub throughout the year. 

Download our servicing prices for hot tubs, get in touch, and leave it to us to settle your hot tub maintenance for you.