Benefits of Hydropool's Constant Current Swim Spas

Swimming is a great way to keep healthy, and provides a multitude of benefits. With a swim spa from Hydropool North West, do away with the hassle of a trip to the pool. Experience the ease of having a full aquatic gym in your garden and profit from the positive impact for years to come. Read on for the mental and physical health benefits, as well as other benefits of constant current swim spas you may not have considered!


Swimming in a swim spa is great for heart health at any age or ability level. Our Hydropool Swim Spas can be adjusted for skill level and intensity of work out. Swimming at lower levels in our Executive or Aquatic collection’s endless current provides a low-impact aerobic workout. Increase the speed and it stays low-impact, but you can customise your levels for a HIIT workout or interval training. Improved fitness levels have been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Moving your body is key to heart health, and with a Hydropool Swim Spa anyone can start, regardless of fitness ability, age, or weight- as long as you can swim!


Swimming and aqua aerobics are a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles. Resistance provided by water is excellent for increasing muscle tone and building muscle mass. Front crawl targets the stomach back and shoulders, and is the top stroke for toning the back. It is a great stroke for improving stamina. Breast stroke helps strengthen the lungs while toning the upper back, triceps, hamstrings, and lower legs. Back stroke improves posture by lengthening the spine and improves hip flexibility. It tones the stomach, legs, arms, shoulders, and butt. Butterfly does everything back stroke achieves with added focus on upper body toning. Our Executive and Aquatic Collection swim spas can be adjusted by level, depending on your personal fitness and goals. The lowest level from our AX/EX respectively is around .3/.5mph and the highest is 3.7/4mph. Our EX Swim Spas have a range of programs for enhanced training- you can swim Endurance, Cardio (HIIT), Laps, Power (Hill Climb for Swimming), or Transition. You can also cross-train in a swim spa! Run in place, or follow one of our work out programs using additional BoxFit accessories.


Swimming in a constant current swim spa is guaranteed to burn calories. The only difference in swimming in a swim spa vs a pool is the guarantee of speed. You don’t need to regulate your own speed by watching the clock, you just need to set the speed and swim your best in the endless current! This provides a full-body workout that engages many muscle groups. Swimming burns more calories than many other forms of exercise. Exercise and water temperature can increase metabolism, leading to more efficient calorie burning. In just a half hour on average front crawl burns 300 calories when swimming vigorously! It’s no wonder that aqua therapy is often a go-to for our furry friend's weight loss. You must have seen the video of the fat cat on the aquatic treadmill? I can tell you, while doggy-paddling at level 3 in the swim spa, I remind myself that I too can be as cute as the fat cat on the treadmill.


Water is often used as a therapy to aid in recovery from injury and surgery. The buoyancy of water relieves pressure on joints and can prevent additional impact or injury. Engaging in a healthy range of motion in the low-impact environment of a Hydropool Swim Spa encourages musculoskeletal healing and recovery. The resting period in recovery can often lead to frustration, especially for those who previously enjoyed a highly active lifestyle. The option to move your body sooner in a swim spa can contribute to a more positive outlook through the healing process and relieve stress or anxiety.

For sufferers of chronic pain, swimming in a constant current swim spa can also help reduce inflammation and swelling. Without pain, or with less pain, it is a lot easier to add a bit of movement and exercise to one’s routine, which cycles back to our Cardiovascular Health point, as well as the Weight Management and Muscle Strength/Tone points. Pain relief overall can improve quality of life.


Swim Spas also have massage jets! Calm your mind and body in our hydromassage seats. Let the gentle sound of bubbling water carry your thoughts away. Find clarity while taking a slow meditative swim. Soothing massage jets and warm water will reduce tension and improve sleep. Exercise improves cognitive function, boosts productivity and focus, releases endorphins- the happy hormone, and promotes growth of brain neurons.


Hydrotherapy has been used for millennia as a wellness practice. Bathhouse culture is found across the globe, from the current Onsen of Japan to the Ancient Roman Baths. These practices can be modernised in your own garden with a Hydropool Swim Spa. Water in a swim spa can be kept up to 32C, so you can receive benefits like improved blood circulation from the opening of blood vessels and a boosted immune system from stimulated blood flow. Whether you are relaxing in hot water or strenuously swimming, the release of toxins through sweating naturally detoxes the body! When used routinely, dipping in a hot tub can lower traditional blood glucose markers such as fasting glucose or insulin which is associated with type 2 diabetes, read more about that here.


As the time goes on, it gets harder and harder to unplug from our cellphones and other devices. We’re constantly scrolling, looking for instant gratification to cure our boredom. Yes- we know some phones are waterproof, but you try scrolling with pruny fingers!! Ditch the technology and jump in the swim spa. It’s a fun way to connect with your family, or have fun with friends. It’s the perfect place to chat (or gossip). Plus, if you actually spill the tea, the water in a Self-Cleaning Hydropool Swim Spa cycles in 40 minutes, leaving you with crystal clear water.

Why not visit our Swim Test Centre to give our Swim Spas a try? See what all the hype is about. Hydropool North West is a small family-owned and run business, so sharing this post or the graphics below to spread the word about the benefits of a constant current swim spa. It would mean a great deal to us! Happy Swimming!

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