5 Ways a BBQ Cabin Will Improve Your Life!

With a BBQ Cabin from Hydropool North West you can Discover a Cosy Hideaway for the Perfect Break, Detox from Social Media, Connect with Family, Embrace Slow Living, and Build Community. Read on for more information on these five life improvements.


Our BBQ Cabins come standard with sustainable Reindeer Skins, seat cushions, and an Accessory Pack full of wooden trinkets to start the decoration of your hut. With additional pillows and blankets, it can truly become the cosiest place on your property. A BBQ Cabin can be used all year round, whether you have the fire roaring in the Winter, or are listening to the Spring Rain fall on the roof, you'll be snug as ever. Relaxation is SO beneficial, it can lower blood pressure, improve digestion, reduce stress hormones, reduce chronic pain, improve mood/focus/sleep quality, and even boost confidence!


I've harped on about it in previous blog posts, but it bears repeating. We're addicted to our screens! Even when I try to settle down with a book, I'm consistently pulled back into scrolling through Instagram. But, with a BBQ Cabin being used as a new separate space from the home, it can come with new rules. Have a phone storage box to drop your devices in upon entering, or just turn your phone on Airplane Mode when inside. Call it "Cabin Mode." Live in the moment for a while, read a book, practice some meditation, listen to music, or just spend some time with family.


Speaking of family, a BBQ hut is the perfect place to catch up. Roast some marshmallows or have a full on BBQ Night! Our seats fold into beds, so you could even have extended family over for a sleepover. Make memories that will last a lifetime! Want some adults-only time? A date night couldn't be more romantic in a BBQ Cabin, sharing a bottle of bubbly cuddled around the glowing fire.

Our Bar Extension turns the already awesome BBQ Cabin into a Bar-B-Cue Cabin. If you're the host in the family, a Bar-B-Cue Cabin will amp up the holiday party by tenfold. Let the kids scramble in the garden while the grown-ups enjoy the Cabin. We have several sizes to fit any garden (or to fit your average party size).


According to Wikipedia, Slow Living is a lifestyle which encourages a slower approach to aspects of everyday life, involving completing tasks at a leisurely pace. The origins are linked to the Italian slow* food movement, it emphasised traditional food production techniques in response to fast food becoming popularised in the 1980s. This movement focuses on the idea that a fast-paced life is chaotic, whereas a slower pace encourages enjoyment of life, a deeper appreciation of sensory experiences, and the ability to 'live in the moment'. Some may say that taking an extra hour or two to cook a meal on an open fire in a BBQ cabin would align perfectly with the Slow Living movement. So, slow down, pop some charcoal on the fire, and listen to your roast dinner bubble away over the crackling fire. Follow these links if you'd like to learn more about Slow Living and Slow Food in the UK.

*The word "slow" is indicative of the pace of living, but is also an acronym when used in relation to food. It stands for Sustainable, Local, Organic, and Whole.


If you are willing to invite your neighbours, having a BBQ Cabin can help build community. Spending time together can help reduce social isolation, which is a growing problem in many communities. Especially for older generations who may be stuck at home, having a welcoming place to socialise and connect with others, they are less likely to feel lonely or isolated. Hosting a neighbourhood potluck or BBQ, builds relationships and leads to a stronger sense of community and belonging. With the rising cost of living, a warm fire in the Winter could mean the world to someone struggling in the neighbourhood. We have sold cabins to be used as school classrooms and staff rooms. The 17m BBQ Cabin can seat up to 35 people, and could even be part of a town initiative for a community hub.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the 5 Ways a BBQ Cabin Will Improve Your Life. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in owning a BBQ Cabin! Visit our show site to view them in person, at Notcutts Garden Centre | Lord Sheldon Way, Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester OL6 7UB