5 Must-Have Accessories To Elevate Your Hot Tub

Improve the Quality of Your Soak with Five of the Best Hot Tub Accessories Below. 

Congrats on getting a new hot tub! We all look for convenience to simplify complicated work and life routines, why wouldn’t you extend that practise to your self-care? Here’s a list of the accessories that we’d recommend to make hot tubbing even more enjoyable.

  1. Towel Rack or Robe Holder
  2. Floating or Attachable Drinks/Snacks Tray
  3. Non-Glass Drinkware 
  4. Aromatherapy Crystals or Oils 
  5. A Footbath to prevent grass and mud from dirty feet

Accessories for your luxury hot tub may not always look high end. It’s worth it to do your research to find the look that fits your garden aesthetic. Now most articles will tell you must-have accessories include spa steps, a cover-lifter, and a chemical starter pack. When buying a hot tub from Hydropool North West these come as standard with purchase! Some lists will say luxury hot tub accessories include a spa vac, floating chemical dispenser, extra LED lights, and even spa pillows. Our patented self-cleaning hot tubs include all that and more! Read on to find out what we would accessorise our Hydropool Hot Tubs with.

1. Make the journey to and from your hot tub a breeze with a nearby towel rack or robe holder. Etsy has several personalisable options for hooks to hang up your towels and robes. Here are our two favourites: 

covered hot tub shelf robe hookscustom-hot tub sign with hooks bottle opener

If you tend to get a lot of rain, put your holder or rack under cover, as you definitely don’t want sodden towels. There are always pieces of outdoor furniture that work as towel storage you could find, but we have plenty of gazebo and pergola options at Hydropool North West as well.

2. If entertaining is your favourite thing to do, you know the power of a great charcuterie board. Well, bring your snack game to your hot tub! With a floating or attachable drinks/ snacks tray you can set it up and enjoy more time in the hot tub and less time running about fetching drinks and snacks for guests. Make sure your tray is compatible with the size of your tub, one size does not fit all!

3. This brings us to our next point, you may want to buy the most on trend glasses you can find for your hot tub party cocktails, but buyer beware! Glass and hot tubs do not mix. I’m sure you don’t fancy turning your hot tub into a glorified Saw trap. Buy acrylic, acetate, or even metal drinkware! You don’t have to settle on plastic that will be thrown away and end up in a landfill when gorgeous acrylic set from West Elm exists. 

4. Bring the spa home with aromatherapy crystals and oils. Make sure you get the products created specifically for hot tubs. If you don’t mind the aromatherapy aspect, there are scented salts made for hot tubs that simply smell divine without health benefits. Brands Hydro Therapies, Spazazz, InSPArations, and Revival Spa Scents are our favourites and what we stock in our own store. 

5. Yes, our hot tubs are self-cleaning, but you still don’t want mucky feet ruining your calming evening right? Say goodbye to stray grass, leaves, and mud with a small foot bath. Place it near your hot tub stairs and dip your feet before entering the hot tub. You can use anything as a foot bath (growing up my family used a plastic drawer set out in front of our inflatable pool). These days you can find actual foot baths meant for pools and hot tubs at many different retailers. Just search for paddling pool foot bath or foot bath tray. We sell Life Spa brand foot bath trays which are non-slip.

Search on Amazon for an easy solution, but we’d always recommend trying a local shop or online small business first to find the best hot tub accessories in the UK!