Elevating Airbnb Guest Experiences With The Allure Of A Hot Tub

In the ever-competitive world of Airbnb rentals, standing out from the crowd is key. While amenities like comfortable beds and reliable Wi-Fi are essential, incorporating unique features improves your Airbnb listing and creates an unforgettable experience for your guests. Today, travellers crave unique and memorable experiences that surpass the expectations of a normal hotel stay. Wondering how to improve your Airbnb? Enter the hot tub – a bubbling oasis of relaxation that can transform your rental into a luxurious escape.

Imagine after a day of exploring, your weary guests return to your Airbnb. They slip into steaming hot water, gazing at the stars while enjoying a hot mug of cocoa. This isn't just any stay; it's an experience etched in relaxation. A hot tub instantly elevates your Airbnb listing, making it stand out from the crowd and attracts guests willing to pay a premium for this unique perk.

Turn Up the Value Metre & Soak Up More Airbnb Bookings

Think of a hot tub as an investment that goes beyond mere luxury. It elevates your Airbnb from a simple rental to a spa-like retreat, justifying a higher nightly rate. Guests are happy to pay a premium for the chance to soothe their muscles after a day of exploration or simply stargaze in warm, comforting water. This translates to a potential boost in your rental income. A well-maintained hot tub can be the answer to getting more bookings on Airbnb. Listings that boast a hot tub often see a significant increase in rentals, giving you an edge over similar properties.

Braden Lodges Scotland with Hot Tub and Arctic Cabin at night. Stone Patio with wood fire stove and hot tub during the day with scottish hill in the backdrop.


How a Hot Tub Boosts Your Airbnb

So, how exactly does a hot tub improve your Airbnb listing? Let's explore the reasons why:

  • Increased Appeal: A hot tub is an undeniable selling point. It adds a touch of luxury and exclusivity, making your listing more desirable to potential guests.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: A hot tub provides a place to de-stress, soothe muscles, and create lasting memories. This can be especially desirable if your Airbnb location is in the countryside, or local to hiking or other outdoor activities.
  • Competitive Edge: In a crowded market, unique amenities are a surefire way to stand out. Listings with hot tubs often attract a premium price point, allowing you to potentially increase your revenue. 

Small Garden Building Airbnb Rental with Self Cleaning Hot Tub on the covered deck on a bright sunny day.

Luxury That Lasts a Lifetime

Adding a fee for a luxury is called a premium pricing strategy. It capitalises on the idea that people are willing to pay more for something that is perceived as exclusive, desirable, or offering a higher level of comfort or experience.

Here's a breakdown of the concept:

  • Luxury Perception: The fee adds to the perception of the luxury itself. By having a higher price tag, the hot tub becomes more than just a heated pool – it becomes an upgrade, an added indulgence.
  • Increased Value: The fee communicates the value proposition. Guests understand they're paying for a differentiated experience, one that goes beyond a basic stay.
  • Market Segmentation: The fee helps target a specific audience. By adding a premium, you're attracting guests who specifically seek out those luxurious extras. Ultimately, adding a fee for a luxury is a way to leverage the psychology of desire and exclusivity to maximise your Airbnb's earning potential.

Optimise Your Hot Tub Airbnb Listing

Now that you're on board with the hot tub revolution, here's how to integrate it seamlessly into your Airbnb strategy:

  • Highlight it in Your Title and Description: Don't be shy! Make sure to prominently feature the hot tub in your listing title and description. Use keywords like "hot tub," "relaxation," and "spa experience" to grab attention in search results. You’ll also have pride of place when people check off “hot tub” as a wanted feature.  
  • Craft the Perfect Hot Tub Oasis: High-quality visuals are crucial for any Airbnb listing. Invest in professional photos or make sure your own photos are well-lit, bright in contrast, cropped well. Make sure to showcase the hot tub in all its glory. Capture idyllic scenes of guests enjoying the bubbles, with emphasis on the surrounding space. Consider taking photos of the tub in all seasons as well. 
  • Go the Extra Mile for your Guests: Consider adding fairy lights or ambient lighting to create a truly magical atmosphere. Soft towels and plush robes can further elevate the experience. For an extra touch of hospitality, provide guests with bath salts, essential oils, or waterproof speakers to create a truly customised spa experience.
  • Cleanliness is Key: To maximise the impact of your hot tub, ensure it's sparkling clean and well-maintained. Provide easy-to-follow instructions for usage and maintenance. Clearly outline hot tub rules and etiquette in your house manual.

Brown interior Hydropool Hot Tub Off the back end of a Hotel Deck

The Airbnb Cleaning Conundrum

While cleanliness is a top priority for any Airbnb stay, the expectation of guests performing chores before check-out can be a source of contention. Some hosts might feel guests have a responsibility to leave the place in a decent state, similar to how they found it. This could include tasks like taking out the trash, running the dishwasher, or stripping linens. This is understandable but the contention comes from the cost of an Airbnb being equal or more than a hotel stay where cleaning is completely taken care of. Guests would rather not be their own maid when off on holiday.

Many guests feel they've already paid a cleaning fee, and chores like doing laundry, stripping linens, or sweeping up should be handled by the hosts. Otherwise, why did they pay a cleaning fee? 

If introducing a hot tub to your Airbnb, consider reviewing your check out list chores. Focus on tasks that take minimal effort, like starting the dishwasher or disposing of trash on the way out. As your guests depart, the soothing warmth and relaxation they experienced will carry over, creating a peaceful end to their stay.

Striking a balance between cleanliness expectations and guest convenience is key to a successful Airbnb with a hot tub experience.

A Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub Is the focal point, it has a wooden live edge bar table and stools right next to it, with a wooden fence to the left and outdoor rug below, fiarylight hang above it. It is in the small garden of an airbnb. Set Clear Guest Expectations

Transparency is key. In your listing description and house manual, clearly outline the hot tub's presence and the cleaning process. Be clear about what not to do in the hot tub, ensuring guest safety. Add an additional cleaning fee for if any rules get broken. 

What to Charge Guests

Finding the sweet spot between a premium price and guest satisfaction is crucial.  Research similar listings with hot tubs in your area to determine a competitive price point. Consider offering discounts for longer stays or weekdays to offset the cleaning fee.

Embrace Guest Reviews

After their stay, encourage guests to leave reviews, and actively respond to both positive and negative feedback. Positive reviews build trust with potential guests, while negative feedback allows you to identify areas for improvement. 

The Hot Tub Effect

By strategically adding a hot tub and adjusting guest expectations, you create a win-win situation. Guests enjoy a luxurious, hassle-free experience, while you potentially increase your revenue. Transform your Airbnb into a haven of relaxation and watch your bookings soar. Who wouldn't want to relax in a hot tub after a day of adventure, knowing they can simply pack their bags and leave the rest to you?

A Female and Male Cuddle Up Face to Face in a purple Lit Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub in the dark of night

Easier than Ever Hot Tub Maintenance

Hydropool North West offers Greater Manchester properties the ultimate in hot tub convenience. Our Self-Cleaning Systems use advanced high-pressure filtration to reduce chemical usage by 50%. Plus, a powerful 15-minute cycle ensures crystal-clear water, giving both hosts and guests complete peace of mind.

Interested in the running costs? Our Serenity Collection is highly energy efficient, being built to survive Canadian winters. Our HydroWise Thermal Shield Insulation System traps heat and minimises energy loss, keeping your hot tub toasty without a big bill.

Forget about extra trips to check on the hot tub! With iCommand, you can monitor and adjust settings from anywhere. This means you'll have peace of mind knowing your hot tub is ready for guests, without needing more frequent cleaning routines compared to your usual pre-guest preparations.

Download a free brochure to discover our full range of hot tubs or give us a call on 0161 524 8867 to find out more.


Image Sources: Braden Lodge, Hydropool Image Relay.